Bacon class:

If you have every made anything home made you know it is 10 times better than store bought. Bacon is no exception, once you have home made bacon you can’t go back. You can expect to learn the safe practices needed to make amazing bacon and you will take home some of it to share with your family (if you want to share)

Canning class:

Canning is a great way to preserve the extras that come out of your garden in the summer or turn a tough cut of meat into something that is fork tender. You can expect to learn the safe practices you need to be confident enough to can on your own the very same day.

Sourdough class:

Sourdough bread is an art and takes a good amount of knowledge. With this class you can expect to learn everything you need to know, to make amazing bread that will have you drooling as it bakes, you will also go home with some sourdough starter so you are ready to bake your own.

Butcher class:

This is an all day class, in the morning we will go over the correct way to kill, skin and quarter an animal along with the knowledge you need to do it safely. In the afternoon we will go over how to brake the quarters down into different cuts of meat along with why we cut them and cook them differently.

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